Public Works Solicitations
Awarded Projects (2163)
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22-30-Q-10-DA Replacement of Sediment Traps at Sparks Middle SchoolNo Award Entered 11/12/2021$0.00
22-28-Q-10-AA Door Frame Repair and Door Replacement at Dorthy Lemelson Elementary SchoolSullivan Structures LLC6547211/4/2021$38,155.00
22-25-Q-10-AA Repairs to Press Box at North Valleys High SchoolGill Construction Insurance10/25/2021$24,787.00
22-24-Q-09-DA Roof Repairs on Sections B, D1, and O at Reno High SchoolKodiak Roofing & Waterproofing Co.6550510/15/2021$16,409.00
22-23-Q-09-AA Roof Repairs at Sparks High SchoolRoof Crafters, Inc6550510/12/2021$12,600.00
22-15-B-08-DA Mechanical Upgrade of AC-13 at Edward C. Reed High SchoolMt Rose Heating & Air-Conditioning6316510/12/2021$410,000.00
22-22-Q-09-DA Sewer Line Replacement at Lemmon Valley Elementary SchoolNo Award Entered 10/12/2021$0.00
22-21-Q-09-AA Replacement of Kitchen Walk-In Equipment at Echo Loder Elementary SchoolHilltop Refrigeration, Inc.4054010/11/2021$16,447.42
22-19-Q-09-AA Replacement of Panic Hardware at Innovations High SchoolGary Romero, Inc654729/30/2021$18,250.00
22-16-Q-09-DA TSI Abatement of the Gym at Sparks Middle SchoolSullivan Structures LLC631679/29/2021$81,510.00
22-09-B-08-AA Soap Dispenser Retrofits at 28 Washoe County School District SchoolsHouston Smith Construction, Inc.661859/28/2021$221,998.00
22-17-Q-09-DA Replacement of Drinking Fountains and Mop Sinks at Earl Wooster High SchoolSavage and Son, Inc. 654729/24/2021$28,421.00
22-20-Q-09-AA Exterior Panel Replacement at Incline High SchoolSullivan Structures LLC405409/22/2021$80,210.00
22-06-B-07-AA Boiler Room Gas Solenoid Valve Additions at 28 Washoe County School District SitesS & S Mechanical, LLC651659/14/2021$527,400.00
22-14-Q-08-AA Repairs to Cooling Tower at BD Billinghurst Middle SchoolGardner Engineering, Inc405408/31/2021$15,525.00
22-12-Q-08-AA Exterior Restrooms Flooring Project at Peavine Elementary SchoolAdvance Installations, Inc654728/30/2021$11,419.00
22-13-Q-08-DA HVAC Package Unit Replacement for B1 at Verdi Elementary SchoolEmcor Services NevadaJL 405408/27/2021$15,649.00
22-03-B-07-DA Emergency Response Signage at Various Schools in Washoe CountyBruce Purves Construction641858/24/2021$174,622.00
22-10-Q-08-DA Heat Pump Replacement for E-1 at Pleasant Valley Elementary SchoolGardner Engineering, Inc405408/19/2021$14,644.00
22-11-Q-08-DA Heat Pump Replacement for M2 at Natchez Elementary SchoolGardner Engineering, Inc208888/19/2021$14,864.00
22-07-Q-07-DA Heat Pump Replacement for E-1 and E-2 at Kate Smith Elementary SchoolEmcor Service NevadaJL 405408/12/2021$34,730.00
21-115-B-06-AA Replacement of Lock Hardware at Bernice Mathews Elementary SchoolGary Romero, Inc655058/10/2021$122,150.00
22-01-Q-07-DA Mobile Classrooms Demolition at Rita Cannan and Glenn Duncan Elementary SchoolsOlcese640108/5/2021$73,530.00
21-114-B-06-AA Replacement of Water Line at Lincoln Park Elemementary SchoolSavage and Son, Inc.651657/29/2021$89,377.00
22-04-Q-07-AA Replacement of Compressor at Donner Springs Elementary SchoolEmcor Service Nevada208887/28/2021$26,875.00