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Public Works Solicitations
Awarded Projects (2022)
View DetailsProject #ProjectAwarded ContractorDate of AwardAwarded Amount
 View 21-01-Q-07-AAIrrigation Main Repairs at Galena High SchoolGarden Shop Nursery Landscaping Division, Inc.7/13/2020$13,995
 View 20-105-Q-06-DAFenced Enclosure Installation at Nutrition ServicesTholl Fence, Inc.7/13/2020$5,831
 View 20-104-Q-06-AAConcrete Repairs at Incline High SchoolValley Concrete, Inc.6/24/2020$19,930
 View 20-103-Q-05-AABird Deterrent at Damonte Ranch High SchoolNelson Electric Co, Inc.6/10/2020$14,860
 View 20-96-B-05-AARepair and Replacement of Soffits at Sparks Middle SchoolDon M Lazorko Construction, Inc.6/10/2020$304,440
 View 20-95-B-04-DARemoval and Replacement of Beam Tails at Earl Wooster High SchoolChris Peterson General Contractors, Inc.6/9/2020$378,268
 View 20-85-B-04-AARelocation of Portable Classroom Building to Sky Ranch Middle SchoolSimerson Construction LLC6/9/2020$262,690
 View 20-84-B-04-AARelocation of Portable Classroom Building to Katherine Dunn Elementary SchoolSimerson Construction LLC6/9/2020$248,150
 View 20-102-Q-05-DAResiding, Reskirting and Painting of Mobile Classroom at Edward C. Reed High SchoolBruce Purves Construction6/4/2020$43,637
 View 20-101-Q-05-AANorth Valleys High School CCTV ModificationsValley Communications5/28/2020$18,632
 View 20-74-B-04-DAExterior Painting at Fred W. Traner Middle SchoolLegacy Painting5/26/2020$224,500
 View 20-71-B-04-AABrown Center Window ReplacementHouston Smith Construction, Inc.5/26/2020$485,500
 View 20-76-B-04-DAReplacement of Hot Water Heaters and Tanks at Robert McQueen High SchoolRHP Mechanical Systems5/26/2020$153,531
 View 20-98-Q-05-AANorth Valleys Transportation Center Roofing RepairsAlpine Roofing Co, Inc.5/22/2020$19,000
 View 20-99-Q-05-DAReplacement of Compressors at Edward C. Reed High SchoolGardner Engineering, Inc5/20/2020$21,519
 View 20-97-Q-05-DAMobile Classrooms Demolition at Donner Springs and Ted Hunsberger Elementary SchoolsJ Slash B Enterprises, Inc.5/18/2020$32,560
 View 20-83-Q-04-AABackflow Replacement at Incline High SchoolNDI Plumbing Inc5/8/2020$49,000
 View 20-80-Q-04-AASoccer Field Fencing at Earl Wooster High SchoolArtistic Fence Company5/7/2020$9,237
 View 20-78-Q-04-AAPlayground Equipment at Natchez Elementary SchoolGarden Shop Nursery Landscaping Division, Inc.5/6/2020$55,000
 View 20-77-Q-04-AAPlayground Equipment at Lloyd Diedrichsen Elementary SchoolGarden Shop Nursery Landscaping Division, Inc.5/6/2020$48,500
 View 20-61-B-03-AAMechanical Room Emergency Eye Wash Stations at Four (4) SchoolsHouston Smith Construction, Inc.4/28/2020$102,681
 View 20-73-Q-04-DAAttic Access Improvement Project at Spanish Springs Elementary SchoolHouston Smith Construction, Inc.4/20/2020$14,800
 View 20-72-Q-04-DAAttic Access Improvement Project at Ed Van Gorder Elementary SchoolHouston Smith Construction, Inc.4/20/2020$14,800
 View 20-70-Q-03-DAIrrigation Mainline Repairs at Damonte Ranch High SchoolGarden Shop Nursery Landscaping Division, Inc.4/15/2020$13,500
 View 20-69-Q-03-AAIT Upgrades at Edison BuildingPowerComm Solutions4/14/2020$63,612