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Registering an Account

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Purchasing Solicitations (Non-Capital)

FAQs I submitted a question; how do I know if WCSD received it?
A – You will receive a confirmation message after your question is submitted on the website. The question will then be acknowledged with an e-mail from

Q - I submitted a question on a solicitation, when will it be answered?

A – The majority of questions submitted will be formally answered via an addendum.

Q - The bid/quote was opened, when will I see the results?

A – WCSD will issue a Recommendation of Award once proposals have been evaluated.

Q - How can I tell what other vendors are interested in this solicitation?

A –

Q - I am interested in bidding with WCSD, how do I ensure that I will be notified of upcoming solicitation opportunities?

A – By registering on this website and selecting applicable commodity codes, you will be notified via e-mail each time a solicitation for designated commodity codes is published.

Q - I received an e-mail that an addendum was issued, where do I view the addendum?

A – Access the website and ensure that you are logged into your account. The addendum will be listed under the documents section of the solicitation detail.

Q - I cannot see the secured documents associated with the solicitation; how do I view those?

A – You must be logged into your account to view secure documents.

Q - Can I submit my bid/quote electronically?

A – Quotes may be submitted electronically to prior to the due date/time. Bids must be delivered to the Purchasing Department either by shipping or hand delivered in a sealed envelope. WCSD does not have a platform to accept electronic submissions for bids and faxed submissions of any kind will be rejected.

Q - I registered an account on the Public Works website. Is my account accessible on the Purchasing Solicitations website also?

A – Yes, registration on the Public Works portion of the website automatically registers your account on the Purchasing Solicitations side.

Purchasing Solicitations FAQs

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