Public Works Solicitations
Awarded Projects (2236)
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22-122-Q-05-AA CCTV Camera Project at Sky Ranch Middle SchoolNo Award Entered 5/23/2022$0.00
22-119-Q-05-DA Repair of the Bleachers at Galena High SchoolNo Award Entered 5/18/2022$0.00
22-104-B-03-DA Fire Alarm Replacement at Ted Hunsberger Elementary SchoolNo Award Entered 5/10/2022$0.00
22-99-B-03-AA Roof Replacement at Innovations High SchoolNo Award Entered 5/10/2022$0.00
22-100-B-03-AA I.A. Building Improvements at E. Otis Vaughn Middle SchoolNo Award Entered 5/10/2022$0.00
22-105-B-03-DA Replacement of Boilers at F. W. Traner Middle SchoolNo Award Entered 5/10/2022$0.00
22-101-B-03-AA Boiler Room Gas Solenoid Valve Additions at 30 Washoe County School District SchoolsNo Award Entered 5/10/2022$0.00
22-109-Q-04-AA Roof Repairs at Lena Juniper Elementary SchoolKodiak Roofing & Waterproofing Co.655055/5/2022$17,666.00
22-107-Q-04-AA Replacement of Isolation Valves at Sparks High SchoolSavage and Son, Inc.635095/2/2022$47,990.00
22-108-Q-04-DA Irrigation Leak Repairs and Sprinkler Replacement at Sparks Middle SchoolGarden Shop Nursery Landscape Division, Inc.405404/29/2022$24,700.00
22-103-Q-03-DA Fire Alarm System Replacement at Glenn Hare Center/Turning PointNelson Electric Co, Inc.651864/29/2022$70,050.00
22-98-B-03-DA Replacement of Warehouse Racking and Fire Sprinklers at the Administrative Building WarehouseSullivan Structures LLCREMODEL4/26/2022$0.00
22-95-B-03-DA Door Hardware Upgrades at Donner Springs Elementary SchoolGary Romero, Inc665054/26/2022$139,200.00
22-94-B-03-DA Door Hardware Upgrades at Desert Heights Elementary SchoolGary Romero, Inc635054/26/2022$136,500.00
22-96-B-03-AA Relocation of Mobile Classroom Buildings to John C Bohach Elementary SchoolSimerson Construction LLC660104/26/2022$443,690.00
22-97-B-03-AA Installation of Shade Structures at John C Bohach Elementary School and Michael Inskeep Elementary SchoolBruce Purves Construction11163 & 111954/26/2022$210,840.00
22-106-Q-04-AA Flooring Replacement Projects at 10 Washoe County School District SitesContract Flooring & Interior Services, Inc.645054/25/2022$81,000.00
22-91-B-02-AA Replacement of Tennis Courts at Spanish Springs High SchoolSpanish Springs Construction, Inc.661604/12/2022$511,444.00
22-64-B-02-DA Exterior Painting at Peavine Elementary SchoolOlympus and Associates665053/31/2022$99,450.00
22-55-B-01-AA Roof Replacement at Glenn Duncan Elementary SchoolD & D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.665053/29/2022$1,371,300.00
22-71-B-02-AA Pavement Rehabilitation Project at Esther Bennett Elementary SchoolSierra Nevada Construction, Inc. (SNC)661603/29/2022$708,007.00
22-57-B-01-AA Roof Replacement at Spanish Springs High SchoolNo Award Entered 3/29/2022$0.00
22-66-B-02-AA Flooring Replacement at E. Otis Vaughn Middle SchoolNo Award Entered 3/29/2022$0.00
22-70-B-02-DA Replacement of Boiler/Cooling Tower and Heat Pumps at Agnes Risley Elementary SchoolNo Award Entered 3/29/2022$0.00
22-62-B-01-DA Heating and Cooling Replacement on Building C at Lemmon Valley Elementary SchoolNo Award Entered 3/29/2022$0.00