Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I register on the WCSD Solicitations Website?
A - You may follow the Register link from the top right or click this link: Register Here
Please click on this link for a step-by-step tutorial: How to Register
Q – I am registered on Demandstar or another 3rd party website and already see WCSD solicitations, do I also need to be registered on this website?
A – Yes, this website is WCSD’s primary platform for distribution and archiving of all solicitations. WCSD will continue to use Demandstar, but it is encouraged for all interested parties to register on the WCSD website.
Q – I am interested in providing bids to WCSD, how do I ensure that I will be notified of upcoming solicitation opportunities?
A – By registering on this website and selecting applicable commodity categories, you will be notified via e-mail each time a solicitation for your designated commodity categories is published.
Q - I registered an account on the Public Works website. Is my account accessible on the Purchasing Solicitations website also?
A – Yes, registration on the Public Works portion of the website automatically registers your account on the Purchasing Solicitations side and vice versa.
Q – Should multiple people have access to this account?
A – It is recommended that companies provide a general email with multiple users or have multiple users, with individual e-mail addresses, within the company register. That way if a registered user leaves the company, other people will still receive notifications.

Q – How do I view and navigate solicitations on the website?
A – A step-by-step tutorial will be coming soon.
Q - I received an e-mail that an addendum was issued, where do I view the addendum?
A – Access the website and ensure that you are logged into your account. The addendum will be listed under the Attached Documents section of the solicitation detail.
Q - I cannot see the secured documents associated with the solicitation; how do I view those?
A – You must be logged into your account to view secure documents.
Q – If I am not interested in a particular solicitation, but appear to be on a Distribution List, how do I remove my contact information from the list?
A – Once logged into the system, hover over your e-mail address in the upper right-hand portion of the home page and select Manage your account. Locate the Solicitations Distribution List section and find the solicitation that you are not interested in receiving any further communications. Click the red “X Remove” button to remove yourself. Click the green Save button.

Q – How do I ask a question on the website?
Please click on this link for a step-by-step tutorial: How to Ask Questions
Q – Is there another way to ask a question other than through the website?
A – Yes, you may also send any questions via email to Please include the Solicitation Number in the subject line and/or with the question so WCSD can ensure your question is routed correctly.
Q - I submitted a question; how do I know if WCSD received it?
A – You will receive a confirmation message after your question is submitted on the website. The question will then be acknowledged with an e-mail from
Q - I submitted a question on a solicitation, when will it be answered?
A – The majority of questions submitted will be formally answered via an addendum.

Q - Can I submit my bid/quote electronically?
A – Quotes may be submitted electronically to prior to the due date/time. Bids must be delivered to the Purchasing Department either by shipping or hand delivered in a sealed envelope prior to the due date/time. WCSD does not have a platform to accept electronic submissions for bids at this time and faxed submissions of any kind will be rejected.
Q - The bid/quote was opened, when will I see the results?
A – WCSD will issue a Recommendation of Award which includes a Bid Tabulation once proposals have been evaluated.
Q – Will I be able to attend a Bid Opening?
A – WCSD currently allows all interested vendors to attend a Bid Opening via ZOOM. The link for the ZOOM Bid Opening will be provided in the Bid Solicitation document and under the project detail on this website or in an Addendum. If you attend the ZOOM Bid Opening, please be aware that pricing will not be read.
Q – Is there a charge to use this website?
A – No, there is no charge to use this website.

If you need help or would like to provide any feedback on the Purchasing Department’s Solicitations website, such as comments and suggestions or to report any errors or issues that you have discovered, please let us know.

The more information and detail you can provide, such as a reference to a specific page or possibly a screen shot of an issue or error, would be most helpful. Thank you.

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