Public Works Solicitations
Awarded Projects (2412)
View DetailsProjectAwarded ContractorAward NotesDate of AwardAwarded Amount
24-95-B-04-AA Pavement Maintenance Projects at 3 WCSD SchoolsSierra Nevada Construction, Inc. (SNC)681605/14/2024$341,007.00
24-94-B-04-AA Pavement Maintenance Project at Miguel Sepulveda Elementary SchoolGradex Construction Company681605/14/2024$277,500.00
24-89-B-03-AA Replacement of Roll Down Fire Doors at 5 WCSD SchoolsReyman Brothers Construction, Inc.685055/14/2024$153,746.00
24-88-B-03-AA Gymnasium Floor Replacement/Refinishing & Bleacher Replacement at Edward C Reed High School Reyman Brothers Construction, Inc.685055/14/2024$1,621,026.00
24-92-B-03-DA Theater Site Drainage at Galena High SchoolNo Award Entered 5/14/2024$0.00
24-91-B-03-DA Domestic Well and Irrigation Improvements at Pleasant Valley Elementary SchoolNo Award Entered 5/14/2024$0.00
24-69-B-02-DA Playground and Landscape Repairs at Brown Elementary SchoolNo Award Entered 5/14/2024$0.00
24-103-Q-04-AA Replacement of CCTV PTZ Cameras at Edward C Reed High SchoolPowerComm Solutions, Inc.681865/2/2024$24,433.00
24-85-B-03-AA Installation of Flooring at Edward C Reed High SchoolContract Flooring & Interior Services, Inc.685054/23/2024$226,100.00
24-81-B-03-AA Irrigation Improvements at Greenbrae Elementary School Pinnacle Yard and Home Solutions LLC661514/23/2024$134,500.00
24-72-B-02-AA Huffaker Maintenance Center Data Project PowerComm Solutions, Inc.681414/23/2024$349,392.00
24-76-B-02-AA Exterior Painting & Sealing Improvements at Caughlin Ranch Elementary School Washoe Painting Company, LLC685054/23/2024$219,900.00
24-75-B-02-AA Exterior Painting & Sealing Improvements at Esther Bennett Elementary School Washoe Painting Company, LLC685054/23/2024$243,800.00
24-74-B-02-AA Exterior Painting & Sealing Improvements at Lois Allen Elementary SchoolWashoe Painting Company, LLC685054/23/2024$238,253.00
24-84-B-03-DA Pavement Rehabilitation at Svare Transportation CenterWest Coast Paving681604/23/2024$865,000.00
24-83-B-03-DA Pavement Rehabilitation at Huffaker Maintenance CenterFacilities Management, Inc.681604/23/2024$135,000.00
24-68-B-02-DA Connect to TMWA Domestic Water Line at Svare Transportation CenterM4 Engineering LLC641514/23/2024$132,635.00
24-82-B-03-DA Pavement Rehabilitation at the Brown CenterM4 Engineering LLC681604/23/2024$556,855.00
24-86-B-03-DA Exterior Column Repairs at Lois Allen Elementary SchoolMeiden Construction LLC685054/22/2024$76,440.00
24-93-Q-03-AA Replacement of Baseball and Softball Scoreboards at Spanish Springs High SchoolYESCO - RenoREMODEL & 405404/12/2024$67,940.00
24-78-B-02-DA Playground Re-Slope at Edward Van Gorder Elementary SchoolNo Award Entered 4/11/2024$0.00
24-90-Q-03-DA Office Flooring Replacement at Sparks High SchoolNo Award Entered 4/10/2024$0.00
24-70-B-02-AA Innovations High School Classroom ImprovementsK7 Construction, Inc.674794/9/2024$394,900.00
24-79-Q-02-AA Installation of Window Film in Single Point of Entries at 33 WCSD SchoolsGrafics UnlimitedGrant3/25/2024$38,763.47
24-67-B-02-AA ADA Upgrades at Robert McQueen High SchoolBruce Purves Construction, Inc. 681403/21/2024$89,096.00