Purchasing Solicitations
All Solicitations that are Active or otherwise pending further actions:
Meeting Date
Question DeadlineBid Due DateStatus
RFQ #114-QF-03-22-LR Generator, Transfer Switch, Fire Pump, and Industrial Engine Annual Maintenance and Repair N/A 04/11/2022 04/26/2022 Awarded
RFQ #95-QF-02-22-MS School Uniforms for Lemelson STEM Academy (Elementary School) N/A 03/03/2022 03/09/2022 Awarded
RFQ #86-QF-01-22-DA Certain Musical Instruments N/A 02/24/2022 03/04/2022 Awarded
RFB #87-B-01-22-LR Refrigerated Delivery Trucks for Nutrition Services N/A 02/23/2022 03/16/2022 Awarded
RFB #84-B-01-22-GS Certain Commercial Grade Oven Racks & Open-Bottom Transport Dollies N/A 02/03/2022 02/17/2022 Awarded
RFB #82-B-12-22-GS Copier and Digital Duplicators Supplies N/A 02/01/2022 02/11/2022 Awarded
RFB #79-B-12-22-GS Custodial Paper Products N/A 01/13/2022 01/26/2022 Awarded
RFQ #77-QF-12-22-LR Certain Uniforms for Transportation N/A 01/03/2022 01/14/2022 Awarded
RFB #56-B-09-22-VP Information Technology Networking Equipment N/A 12/23/2021 01/24/2022 Awarded
RFQ #90-QF-02-22-DA Certain Pianos N/A 02/24/2022 03/04/2022 Cancelled
RFB #83-B-12-22-LR District-wide Emergency Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance N/A 02/18/2022 03/08/2022 Cancelled

Awarded Solicitations

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