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Public Works Solicitations
All Projects that are Active or have been Recommended for Award.
Project #ProjectPre-Bid
Meeting Date
Question DeadlineDue DateStatus
22-123-B-05-AA Relocation of Mobile Classroom Building to Lemmon Valley Elementary School 05/31/2022
06/06/2022 06/13/2022 Active
22-121-B-05-DA Fire Alarm Upgrade at Ed Van Gorder Elementary School 05/19/2022
05/23/2022 06/14/2022 Active
22-118-B-05-AA Flooring Replacement at Huffaker Maintenance Center 05/23/2022
06/01/2022 06/10/2022 Active
22-120-B-05-DA Pavement Rehabilitation Project at Archie Clayton Middle School 05/24/2022
06/01/2022 06/08/2022 Active
22-117-B-05-AA Roof Replacement at Huffaker Maintenance Center 05/23/2022
05/31/2022 06/09/2022 Active
22-111-B-04-AA Emergency Eye Wash Additions at 4 Washoe County School District Schools 05/13/2022
05/20/2022 05/31/2022 Active
22-113-B-04-DA Football Scoreboard at Spanish Springs High School 05/17/2022
05/23/2022 06/01/2022 Active
22-110-B-04-AA Replacement of Gym Divider at Fred W. Traner Middle School 05/12/2022
05/19/2022 05/26/2022 Active
22-105-B-03-DA Replacement of Boilers at F. W. Traner Middle School 04/12/2022
04/14/2022 04/26/2022 Awarded
22-104-B-03-DA Fire Alarm Replacement at Ted Hunsberger Elementary School 04/04/2022
04/12/2022 04/20/2022 Awarded
22-101-B-03-AA Boiler Room Gas Solenoid Valve Additions at 30 Washoe County School District Schools 04/06/2022
04/13/2022 04/19/2022 Awarded
22-100-B-03-AA I.A. Building Improvements at E. Otis Vaughn Middle School 04/07/2022
04/11/2022 04/15/2022 Awarded
22-99-B-03-AA Roof Replacement at Innovations High School 04/01/2022
04/07/2022 04/14/2022 Awarded

Awarded Projects

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